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Ultra source technology co., LTD., founded in 1992, is headquartered in Singapore, established in 2002 in guangdong dongguan super source precision electronics (dongguan) co., LTD., founded in 2012 in dongguan super industry precision equipment co., LTD. (lithium electricity equipment, non-standard automation equipment), 2016 super source precision electronics (dongguan) co., LTD and dongguan super industry restructuring precision equipment co., LTD.

Main business: The company has automated equipment design and manufacturing experience and 20 years of semiconductor equipment for more than 15 years of battery equipment, our company can be battery-powered, flexible battery, cylindrical battery, a solar cell module plant, the company offers a fast, reliable, scalable automation system.

main products:
Power Battery Equipment
Battery pole piece punching machine (metal mold type)
Battery pole piece automatic sorting machine
Battery pole piece automatic cleaning machine
Battery pole piece automatic bag-making machine
Battery automatic machine stacked bags
Z-laminated battery automatic machine (mechanical positioning, CCD positioning)
Battery pole ear automatic welding machine gum paste
Automatic soft power battery pack packaging machine
Steel, aluminum, plastic housing square EV battery automatic injection machine
Power metal shell assembly line
Soft pack battery equipment (digital, Bluetooth, power)
Soft pack battery automatic packaging machine (automatic red shell, top closure, side sealing, pressure angle, HI-POT testing, marking, reading, etc.)
Automatic package protective film machine
Soft pack battery automatic injection machine
Soft pack battery automatic sealing machine vacuum suction (vacuum exhaust sealing, cutting, folding, ironing edges, etc.)
Cylindrical battery equipment
Cylindrical battery shell into the automatic machine
Cylindrical battery cap lug automatic laser welding machine
Cylindrical Battery Automatic Filling Machine

Main Engineering Technology:
Engineering design and manufacturing automation systems;
Precision molds, fixture design and manufacturing;
Advanced image processing system integration;
Cold and hot process control engineering;
Single-axis, multi-axis motion platform system with the robot.

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