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  • Product name: Laminated batteries very ear automatic welding machine gum paste
  • Product number: 008
  • Views : 108

First, the device main functions and introduction:
Very ear welding process 1. This machine is mainly used for battery after lamination, comprising: shaping, pre-weld, cut flat, conductive handle ultrasonic welding, short circuit product testing and other processes.

Second, the equipment is mainly composed of:
1. Electric loading station on the core;
2. pretargeting batteries, plastic;
3. batteries upper and lower turntable position;
4. The negative pre ear welding station;
5. Ear positive pre-welding station;
6. The positive and negative cut ear level agencies;
7. positive ear and then ultrasonic welding;
8. The negative electrode ear again ultrasonic welding;
9. The positive and negative ear welding leveling mechanism;
10. The tape mechanism automatically paste
11. The turntable;
12. batteries and unloading robot;
13. The short-circuit test;
14. The cutting station;
15. whole body, chassis and safety cover;
16. The whole electrical control system.


Third, the vitality of the main equipment:
1. Cylinder: SMC, CHELIC or CKD.
2. The magnetic switch: SMC or CHEILC.
3. Vacuum table: CHELIC or CKD, KEYENCE or Panasonic.
4. Motor: QuinTep, Panasonic, East, Shinano, South Korea SPG, Lemire, United States and Hong Jie Sen or record.
6. Thermostat: Matsushita, OMRON or KEYENCE.
7. Touch screen: WEINVIEW, WECON or Pro-face.
8. Sensor: SUNX, OMRON or Taiwan brand.
9. Frame: welded or aluminum alloy.


Fourth, the main parameters of the device:
1. After welding lug Center tolerance: ± 1mm;
2. Equipment failure rate (defined by the equipment caused by the failure): ≤5% (troubleshooting only caused by the device; regular maintenance of equipment, pre-prepared, which are not counted); 3. equipment products pass rate: 98% excellent (meter equipment caused by bad products only)

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