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  • Product name: Soft pack battery automatic packaging machine
  • Product number: 010
  • Views : 87

First, the device main functions and introduction:
1. Suitable for flexible packaging lithium-ion battery automatic packaging production process. Main functions: bare batteries feed, naked hot plastic batteries, batteries bare CCD detector, folding tabs, punch POCKET, POCKET to cut off the end, the bare core into POCKET, fold POCKET, top / side seal, side trimming, corners pre-packaged, insulation testing, automatic marking, automatic scan code, automatic discharge and other functions

Second, the main parameters of the device:
1. The packaging machine for which a range of product specifications:
2. Package Time: 1 ~ 99S adjustable,
3. The plastic film red shell: single, double pit red film;
4. The single pit shell depth 2.0 ~ 6.0mm, double pit shell main pit depth of 2.0 ~ 5.0mm, vice pit depth 0 ~ 5.0mm.
5. The head temperature: MAX250ºC, head temperatures for the individual to live the greatest difference: ± 3 ℃

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