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  • Product name: Square aluminum battery - automatic refilling machine
  • Product number: 015
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1 the device features and Introduction
The device is used to square aluminum battery Degassing process for the automatic operation of the device. Incoming one-piece battery, battery equipment complete scan code, battery weighing, Degassing, secondary injection liquid helium injected into the battery, half into the whole process of the sealant, such as nails. The device automatically reads the bar code and bind battery cover information recording vacuum, weighing before and after the battery weight and bar code information correspondence automatically saved locally on the PC industry, and can be uploaded to the MES system.

1.4 equipment is mainly constituted bodies
1.4.1 fuselage body (including the hood)
Function: carrying each unit of work on this equipment, electronic control unit, man-machine interface;

Material body scan code on 1.4.2
Function: receiving input from the stream line material, scan code, excluding scan code NG;

1.4.3 discharge mechanism
Function: The output from the device will be material to the pipeline branch;

1.4.4 battery weighing mechanism
Function: Weigh battery weight;

1.4.5 vibration plate mechanism
Function: sealant nail through the vibration mechanism, in a certain direction into the glue nail delivery device;

1.4.6 pumping, pouring mechanism and helium
Function: NOTE ago was evacuated back to liquid helium injection;

1.4.7 pour opening physical cleaning mechanism
Function: physically clean injection port surface residual electrolyte;

1.4.8 Positioning and nail feeding mechanism
Function: CCD locating the injection hole, automatic feed screw, into the pre-sealing nail;

1.4.9 evacuated into the whole body sealant nail
Features: vacuum, all the sealant nail;

1.5 Device Control
Device control section includes: electronic control part of the system, man-machine interface, material identification and traceability system

1.5.1 Electrical Control System
Function: The machine control and communication with external devices

1.5.2 Material identification and traceability system
Function: for a variety of state on the recording, testing, storage, traceability of products produced by the machine

1.5.3 HMI
Function: man-machine dialogue



Technical Specifications






Pumping, pouring and helium

1、Degassing The degree of vacuum≤4.0Kpa,Hold Time:15S(Vacuum device configuration);
2、Secondary injection fluid volume:12+1g,Variable injection fluid;
3、After the monitor back to the fluid pressure, and super-size alarm(specification≤-60Kpa)Liquid return time<10S;
4、The entire liquid injection system does not allow leakage or drip;
5、He charged back pressure control80+/-3Kpa,15s;Positive0~100KpaAdjustable;
6、System requirements for air tightness≤0.5Kpa/min(1kpaMeasured);




Overall performance

1、Capacity ≥6ppm (single);
2、Equipment failure rate: DT≤2% (only cause equipment failure);
3、A superior product rate ≥99.9% (only the equipment caused by bad products);
4、MTBF(Mean time between failures)≥4h;




Evacuated the whole nail into the sealant

1、After returning helium vacuum range -20Kpa, accuracy +/- 2Kpa, vacuum time 4 ~ 8S, 0 ~ -60Kpa adjustable;
2、Plastic nail beyond the injection hole ≤0.2mm, plastic nail flattened after diameter <5mm;
3、Pressure screw cap process to ensure no distortion, no scratches scratches, does not damage the explosion-proof valve;

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