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  • Product name: Square aluminum battery automatic injection machine
  • Product number: 016
  • Views : 119

1.1 Introduction Device function and principle
The equipment is mainly used for battery vacuum automatic injection process. Before pouring the battery automatically weighing & bar code scanning, automatically determine the weight of incoming goods qualified and unqualified, the liquid injection before drying, cleaning liquid injection cup, in addition to automatic electrolyte bubble, automatic battery clamp, automatic injection, battery circulating vacuum, plus positive pressure, atmospheric pressure was allowed to stand, the battery liquid injection clamps, exhaust residue, weighing & bar code scanning, all automatic data storage and other functions.

1.4 equipment is mainly constituted bodies
1.4.1 battery feeding mechanism
Features: complete with never expected to pull crawled to be pouring batteries, weighing, bar code scanning and automatic pouring into the fixture;
1.4.2 liquid injection mechanism module
Function: to complete the battery liquid injection, liquid injection before drying, cleaning liquid injection cup, automatic addition of electrolyte bubble; Functional requirements: liquid injection needle to be done anti-dropping structure design;
1.4.3 standing institution
Function: the battery cycle vacuum, plus positive pressure, atmospheric pressure was allowed to stand to ensure that the provisions of the standing time (4min) within the electrolyte fully absorbed;
1.4.4 Battery discharge mechanism
Function: Remove from the liquid injection liquid injection fixture complete battery, weighing, bar code scanning, the material;
1.4.5 residue recovery mechanism
Function: residual electrolyte recycling, cleaning, anti-drip requirements;
1.5 control section
The entire line control system using PC control, and MES system uses a LAN connection, easy and MES information in real time interaction. MES PC the data can be remotely controlled and monitored automatic line. Using RS485 communication between the control cabinet and control equipment.


Third, the technical parameters of the device



Technical Specifications



1、Liquid injection accuracy: blueprintMode 110±2g,CMK≥2.0;                        
2、Batteries evacuation time from the normal pressure to 1.0KPa<15s;
3、Vacuum system leakage rate≤10Pa.L/s;
4、Total liquid injection time4min(Playing time does not include liquid);
5、After pouring completed residue-free electrolyte batteries drop to the surface of the liquid injection port is not allowed drops;
6、Device provides positive pressure 0 ~ 0.4MPa adjustable, precision;



1、Maximum range of electronic scales: 6KG;
2 、Electronic scales electronic scales measurement repeatability reference manual(0.01gthe above),GRR≤10%;


Overall performance

1、Capacity≥12ppm ;
2、Equipment failure rate:DT≤2% ;
3、A superior product rate≥99.9% ;

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