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  • Product name: Battery welding, packing, pouring automatic production line
  • Product number: 026
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The main function of the device and Introduction
The segment production line with the company production of automatic punching machine, automatic lamination machine assembled into a fully automated battery production line.
The main section of the production line equipment features are:
:( Automatic welding machine main features are: Hi-pot test, automatic weighing, plastic, pre-weld, cut flat, conductive handle ultrasonic welding, taping).
:( Automatic packaging machine main features are: a bare batteries feed, bare CCD detector batteries, folding tabs, automatic feeding plastic film, punch POCKET, POCKET to cut off the end, the bare core into POCKET, fold POCKET, top seal, side seal, bottom seal, side trimming, trimming bottom, corners pre-packaged, insulation testing, automatic marking, automatic scan code).
Automatic injection machine :( main features are: automatic scanning, automatic weighing, automatic injection, three automatic standing, automatic vacuum packaging, pouring automatic weighing automatically after cutting).

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