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  • Product name: Soft pack battery automatic injection machine
  • Product number: 027
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First, the device main functions and introduction:
1. This machine is used for flexible packaging cell priming, standing, vacuum sealing of the production process.
2. The main function of the device with automatic feeding, automatic scanning, automatic weighing, automatic injection, three automatic standing, automatic vacuum packaging, pouring automatic weighing, automatically cutting and other kinetic energy.
3. The machine adopts the glove box type cover all operations in a sealed compartment, inside red protective gas, the pressure is positive pressure to ensure that the capsule is in use, the gas may leak inside, but the outside air can not come in.


Second, the main components of the device:
1. The feeding mechanism (choose automatic or manual);
2. Auto scan code;
3. The scan code unqualified crawling robot and rest area;
4. Manipulator on;
5. Before weighing liquid injection mechanism;
6. The battery holder and clamp drive mechanism, a movable rail (optional plywood jig or wheel clamp);
7. Battery liquid injection mechanism;
8. Battery vacuum standing bodies;
9. Battery sealed vacuum pumping mechanism;
10. After pouring weighing mechanism;
11. Battery automatic cutting robot;
12. nonconforming product placement area;
13. The cutting mechanism (choose automatic or manual);
14. whole body, chassis and safety cover;
15. The whole electrical control system;

  Third, the major equipment components:
1. The servo motor: QuinTep, Panasonic, East, Shinano, South Korea SPG, Lemire, United States and Hong Jie Sen or record;
2. The cylinder / valve / Manifolds: SMC or CKD;
3. Vacuum table: CKD, Panasonic or CHELIC;
5. Touch screen: WEINVIEW, WECON or EVIEW;
6. Temperature Controller: Matsushita, OMRON or KEYENCE;
7. Head: Brass;
8. Heat insulation: imported heat-resistant composite panels;
9. Rack: welding parts and aluminum alloy;
10. Rack with protective cover;
11. Computer: Domestic IPC;
12. Electronics said: Japan AND;


Fourth, the main parameters of the device:
1. wherein a liquid injection machine is suitable for the product specifications:
2. Analysis of the unified management of all data by the computer.
3. single electronic scale measurement accuracy: ± 0.01g.
4. The computer automatically saves data electrolyte
5. pouring station 1;
6. The vacuum was allowed to stand station: 3;
7. The vacuum standing time: can be set within 1 to 99 seconds;
8. The value of the vacuum chamber to stand up: -95KPa;
9. The head temperature: MAX2500C, head temperatures for the individual to live the greatest difference: ± 3ºC;
10. The value of the vacuum chamber packaging up: -95KPa;
11. After pouring robot from the electronic scale automatic Reclaimer, qualified and unqualified partition system determines the amount of liquid injection after discharge
12. The equipment failure rate (defined by the equipment caused by the failure): ≤5% (only caused by the equipment troubleshooting; regular maintenance of equipment, pre-prepared, which are not counted);
13. The pass rate equipment products: excellent 98% (meter device caused bad products only)

V. Equipment advantages:
1. From the existing customer user groups, the company injection of machines in the consumer use good condition;
2. Equipment vitality are all well-known brands, the device during operation stability provide a solid guarantee;
3. improve the service system for later use stability has provided a guarantee of customers;
4. As the majority of domestic and international customer groups selected liquid injection machine supplier, our liquid injection machine performance and technology are at the forefront of the industry;
5. As a battery of high quality requirements, equipment selection of high standards of customer groups preferred suppliers, and customers, and we also develop maximize product performance liquid injection device
6. On the tip of customers groups, our equipment through the liquid injection volume CPK, married moving rate, excellent rate and a series of test data analysis, and finally come to the fore in the same industry.
7. For now customer demand for the product group conversion model diversity, our new injection of machines designed to overturn the traditional liquid injection machine design concept to optimize the type of simple change to the maximum extent
8. simplicity.

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