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  • Product name: High vacuum tunnel baking ovens
  • Product number: High vacuum tunnel baking ovens
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1The main function and introduction, equipment:
1. equipment function: lithium batteries liquid injection before drying, positive and negative electrode drying.

2.process principle: high vacuum (10 ~ 20 pa), preheating dry gas displacement (or nitrogen).

3.the main technical points: high vacuum, hot air heat transfer, the active door seal, vacuum transmission.

4. the four major functions:

(1) improve the performance of power lithium batteries and consistency.

(2) greatly improve production efficiency, shorten the production cycle.

(3) save energy, save dry room.

(4) facilitate automatic on-line, form mass production ability.


2Three main parameters and equipment:
1. tray design for standard size, and use different specifications of the child tray to adapt to the specific product properties, structure and size, more convenient products change process.

2. preheating and drying gas displacement to shorten the drying time required further to 3 hours.

3. patent technology of the high reliability of the sealing door design, makes the high vacuum system reliability.

4. feeding power external, make the system get extremely low vacuum leakage rate, enhance the effect of vacuum drying.

5. all stainless steel vacuum chamber to avoid the dust pollution in production.

6. drying tray back conveyor belt was designed in the bottom of the vacuum tunnel, reduce factory building covers an area of.

7. modular design, customers can according to the situation of battery products and production capacity, equipped with flexible.


2cThree main parameters and equipment:
1. for maximum height of the object being dry (such as a battery or batteries) : 320 mm

2. a typical cell size: 30 ~ 80 mm (W) x 50 ~ 160 mm (L) x 2 ~ 8 mm (T), ear length of 20 to 25 mm

3. production capacity: for example, in a typical cell size (the height of 140 mm including pole ear x 140 mm wide air pocket x 10 mm thick) calculation, each child tray can be 30 X 2 = 60 batteries.The child tray per layer 4 X 2 only put, a mother tray can install batteries 480 only.The machine according to the typical drying time 180 minutes, every 30 minutes out of 2 batteries loaded aircraft, can dry battery number is 1920 per hour, or about 32 PPM drying ability.

4. before and after the transition cavity limit vacuum: 10 ~ 20 pa

5. in addition to water limit vacuum vacuum heating chamber: 10 ~ 20 pa

6. the system controller, PLC

7. production with dry gas: 50 cubic meters/hour (according to the normal pressure volume)

8. driven by compressed air: 0.6 MPa 100 l/min (the machine power)

9. power supply: 3 Ø + N, 380 v, 50 hz, 130 kva

10. production lines, total weight: about 30 tons /

11. factory put floor load-bearing requirements: 500 kg/square meters

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