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  • Product name: PACK the automatic assembly line(classA)
  • Product number: PACK the automatic assembly line
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1The main function and introduction, equipment:
1. The equipment the incoming power soft packing batteries and other mechanical and electrical spare parts incoming line into the automation or half automation assembly, laser welding and testing, in turn, form the batteries module, battery module, eventually become the qualified battery PACK PACK products.

2. PACK production line features: has the nature of the integrated automation integration, is a combination of non-standard equipment, general robot, integrating the laser welding, metal electronic detection, machine video, data management, and other technology.

3. The MES communication function: to read the bar code, the measured voltage, internal resistance, product data such as temperature, pressure time, laser welding parameters, process such as locking torque and upload information collection.


2Main equipment:


3Three main parameters and equipment:
1. Production line can accept batteries size: length: 120 ~ 300 mm, width: 100 ~ 250 mm, thickness: 3 ~ 12 mm.

2. The battery module: the largest single weight 50 kg.

3. The maximum bearing PACK line roller pass: 300 kg.

4. The design capacity: 720 batteries per hour.Module, the module and PACK capacity can be in accordance with the quantities of electricity some calculation in turn.

5. A single core equipment failure rate (caused by equipment failure) : 2% or less (caused by equipment troubleshooting; only the regular maintenance of equipment, antenatal preparation such as counting).

6. Equipment product percent of pass: the optimal rate of 98% (meter equipment caused by bad product only).

7. Design production line operator: module 0, module 3, 6 people in total 9 people PACK assembly.

8. Power supply: 3 phase 380 v, 50 hz 60 amperes. gas source: dry compressed air 5 ~ 6, 1000 litres per minute

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