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About Super Industry

       Super Components Engineering(Dongguan) Ltd. was established in 2012, and the Zhongtang Branch was established in 2019. For many years, we have focused on the manufacturing and continuous innovation and upgrading of the core process equipment of the lithium battery production assembly section, and have the ability to provide a full range of mid-range and rear-end equipment supply and service under a single brand. R & D strength is in the leading position in the industry. It mainly provides fast, reliable and scalable automation systems for manufacturers of power batteries and flexible packaging batteries. It has established strategic partnerships with well-known battery companies such as ATL, CATL, Fu Neng, Dongguan Weike, Ningbo Weike, Chongqing Guangyu, Zhuhai Guangyu, Honeycomb Energy, Jiangsu Shuangdeng Fulangte, etc. to provide customers with leading lithium battery production. Intelligent equipment. The company's technical team has experienced technical experts from mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore, and has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of precision engineering. The team deeply grasps the industrial robots, numerical control, advanced machine image processing and recognition technology, hot and cold, positive and negative pressure process control, complex database software technology required for the development of automation engineering systems, and is good at the development of modern complex industrial automation intelligent systems. integrated. These have laid a solid foundation for the company's leading industry peers in research and development.

Our goal



Improve and optimize existing equipment


Help customers achieve cost control


Develop better and faster new equipment with customers


Customer satisfaction with the best service of the most stable equipment!

       The company covers an area of 32,652 square meters, with nearly 900 employees, 12 new product development researchers, 149 mechanical and electrical design engineers, 43 after-sales service personnel, 54 operational management personnel, and other production personnel. name.

       Super Components Engineering(Dongguan) Ltd.  has successively won the “Guangdong High-tech Enterprise Certification”, “Automatic Packaging Machine” and “Automatic Liquid Filling Machine”, “Guangdong High-tech Product Certification”, and “High-tech Industry Research Institute recognized the annual customer-recognized product award”.

Dongguan Chaoye Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

        "High-tech enterprises" "Technology Innovation Award" "Guangdong Province, abide by the contract and heavy credit enterprise" and other honors. The company has several core patents and software copyrights in the lithium battery manufacturing equipment industry.

       In the field of non-standard automation equipment, we will continue to provide more high-quality products and more perfect services to create value for our customers. In the future, Super Industry will continue to innovate and break through, and strive to make the best service and quality!

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Dongguan Chaoye Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

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