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Established in 2012, Chaoye Precision is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, design, manufacture, sales and service of lithium battery equipment. It is one of the major suppliers of lithium battery mid-range equipment. Its products cover a series of core manufacturing equipment such as punching, lamination, welding, packaging, drying, liquid injection, degassing and final sealing in the middle of lithium battery manufacturing, as well as the ability to provide a complete set of fully automated mid-stage production lines for seamless docking. Widely used in power flexible packaging batteries, digital flexible packaging batteries, power square shell batteries and other production enterprises。

      Main products:

       Power battery equipment
       Automatic laminated battery pole piece punching machine
       Fully automatic battery pole piece cleaning and deburring machine
       Automatic battery pole piece sorting machine
       Automatic battery pole piece bag making machine
       Automatic pole piece stacking machine
       Automatic laminated battery fast Z-type lamination machine (optional mechanical positioning or CCD positioning)
       Automatic laminated battery core welding, glue machine
       Automatic soft pack power battery packaging machine
       Automatic soft pack power battery filling machine
       Steel shell, aluminum shell, plastic shell square EV battery automatic liquid filling machine
       Automatic assembly line in the rear of the power soft pack battery


       Soft pack battery device (digital, Bluetooth)
      Soft pack battery automatic packaging machine
      Automatic protective film machine
      Soft pack battery automatic liquid filling machine
      Soft pack battery automatic vacuum pumping machine
      Bluetooth battery device
      Digital automatic package battery in the rear automatic assembly line


      other devices

      Main engineering technology:
      Design and manufacture of automated engineering systems;
      Design and manufacture of high precision molds and fixtures;
      System integration for advanced image processing;
      Engineering control of cold and hot processes;
      Platform and manipulator for single-axis, multi-axis motion systems。

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