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Job posting information
  Property controller 4500-6000 yuan / month
  job requirements:
  1. Experience in stamping die or machining.
  2. Have production plan and more than 3 years experience in material control.
  3. Develop a material and reminder plan according to the production plan.
  4. Prepare a purchase order for common materials.
  5. Strong communication and coordination skills, strong data concept, well-organized work, strong resistance to stress.
  6, familiar with Office, ERP experience is preferred.
  7, can adapt to overtime.
  Electrical Engineer / Assistant Engineer 7000-14000 yuan / month
  job requirements:
  1. College degree or above in electrical automation, more than two years of experience in programming in the equipment manufacturing industry.
  2. Familiar with KEYENCE, Beckhoff, OMRON's CJ/NJ series, MITSUBISHI's Q/L series.
  3, proficient in servo, step performance and application, hands-on adjustment ability, can adapt to travel throughout the country priority.
  Software Engineer 7000-14000 yuan / month
  job requirements:
  1. College degree or above, major in computer or communication, with more than 2 years relevant work experience;
  2, proficient in the .NET development framework, proficient in C# and other development languages, proficient in and use of tools such as VS2013, with 1-2 years of use;
  3, proficient in C / S development, familiar with B / S development, familiar with mainstream database technology such as SQL Server, familiar with network programming, serial programming;
  4. Have good programming habits, practical experience and clear ideas for solving difficult problems, and good teamwork ability;
  5, familiar with computer operating system, network, have common computer hardware use and maintenance experience;
  Mechanical Engineer / Senior Mechanical Engineer 7000-14000 yuan / month
  job requirements:
  1. Responsible for equipment R&D and design work; ensure the progress of the project;
  2. Responsible for communicating with customers, planning design plans, and being responsible for the formulation and implementation of technical agreements;
  3. Assist in the production of the project bidding plan and estimate the project cost;
  4. Ensure the design progress of the project, the release of the drawings and the BOM, and have the audit and verification duties;
  5. Actively coordinate and solve various specific problems found in the process of procurement, assembly, commissioning and acceptance;
  Electrical Control Plotter 4000-6000 yuan / month
  job requirements:
  1. College degree or above, more than 1 year relevant work experience;
  2. Design of electrical control drawings for non-standard automation equipment;
  3, proficient in AUTO CAD Electric, EPLAN P8 electrical software priority, skilled in various office software, familiar with the principle of equipment automation control, skilled use of electronic control gas control principle design drawings, experience in the mechanical manufacturing industry programming is preferred.
  After-sales commissioning technician 4500-8500 yuan / month
  job requirements:
  1. Strong sense of service, adapt to long-term business trips, and have team spirit.
  2. Strong communication and coordination skills.
  3. Familiar with the basic principles of electrical and mechanical automation equipment.
  4. Experience in assembly and commissioning of non-standard automation equipment.
  5, fresh graduates, people interested in automation can also.
  Work content:
  1. Assembly of electrical and mechanical parts.
  2. Equipment assembly and commissioning.
  3. After-sales installation and commissioning of the equipment at the customer.
  4. Coordination of on-site equipment commissioning work after sale
  Quality Inspection Technician 4000-5000 yuan / month
  job requirements:
  1. Detecting non-standard equipment before the factory to ensure that it can meet the requirements of the customer agreement;
  2. Detect and record the problems encountered during the in-plant debugging process of the equipment;
  3. When the equipment encounters problems, coordinate and communicate the work between the departments, so that the equipment problems can be processed as soon as possible;
  basic requirements:
  1. Cheerful, lively, good at communication, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit;
  2. Majors in mechanical and electrical integration, mechanical design, electrical automation, etc.;
  3, there are priority in the assembly and maintenance of non-standard equipment, graduates can also;
Company honors and benefits
  The company's honor:
  1) A growth company in 2015;
  2) In 2015, “automatic liquid filling machine” and “automatic packaging machine” obtained high-tech products;
  3) Acquire high growth companies in 2016;
  4) won the “Top Ten Enterprises” of China's power battery equipment in 2016;
  5) won the 2016 Guangdong High-tech Enterprise;
  6) Honored by the Guangdong Provincial Contract-honoring and Credit-Reliable Enterprise in 2016;
  7) Received the most investment-worth equipment company in 2016;
  8) The “Top Ten Brands” of China's lithium battery equipment in 2016;
  9) 2017 “automatic film vacuum pumping machine” and “automatic battery core ear soldering machine” get high-tech products;
  10) Awarded the “Technology Innovation Award” for the second power battery intelligent equipment selection in 2017;
  11) Awarded the “Top Ten Growth Enterprises in Dongguan” in 2017;
  12) won the “Top Ten Leaders” of 2017 China Lithium New Energy Equipment;
  13) Received the best-selling product of 2017.
  14) A pilot enterprise of the “Double Increase Plan” in Dongguan in 2018.
  Company benefits:
  ■The company provides free working meals and has room supplements;
  ■ The company purchases five insurances and one gold for regular employees;
  ■ Traveling irregularly;
  ■ Enjoy legal holidays; 5-14 days of paid annual leave per year;
  ■ At the end of the year, the company issued double and year-end bonuses based on the profitability of the previous year, and the annual bonus was up to 20 times;
  ■ Annual banquets and sweepstakes are held at the end of each year, and the winning rate is 100%;
  ■ Year-end appraisal of “excellent employees”, which was rated as a good employee and won a generous bonus;
  ■ The “Decade of Service Award” was awarded a valuable commemorative prize at the end of the year.
  * Monthly payouts on time, never defaulted on employee salaries*
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Company Address:Room 601 Building 12. zhongchuanghui Zhiying science and Technology Park,No.51,Xinhe Road,Dongguan City Guangdong Province China.
Getting There: Take the No. 38 bus from Dongguan Station and get off at Tunxi Bridge. Walk 300 meters to our company.
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