Dongguan Chaoye Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

Core competitiveness of enterprises


Dongguan Chaoye Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

Management team

        The company's business strategy focuses on integrating management, marketing, finance, production operations, research and development, and information systems to strengthen its internal core competitiveness and accelerate the pace of industrial competition based on environmental changes.

Dongguan Chaoye Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

Technical team

        The company's technical team has experienced technical experts from mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore, and has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of precision engineering. The team deeply grasps the industrial robots, numerical control, advanced machine image processing and recognition technology, hot and cold, positive and negative pressure process control, complex database software technology required for the development of automation engineering systems, and is good at the development of modern complex industrial automation intelligent systems. integrated. These have laid a solid foundation for the company's leading industry peers in research and development.

Dongguan Chaoye Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

Techinque level

        The team involved in lithium battery equipment earlier, has a wealth of lithium battery manufacturing and process knowledge, understand the technical needs and challenges in the lithium battery manufacturing process, and has a deep cooperation with the mainstream customer base of the lithium battery industry, can be close to the development of lithium battery technology and market demand Research and development, technology is at the leading level in the industry.

The company has obtained 7 invention patents, 31 utility model patents and 17 software copyrights. The company's patent and patent application rights cover the main aspects of lithium battery manufacturing such as lamination, welding, packaging envelope, liquid injection, and degassing final seal. The company's patents and non-patented technologies are closely integrated with the downstream lithium battery production process, and have the ability to provide customers with more comprehensive process equipment solutions and supporting equipment.

Dongguan Chaoye Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

Supply chain management technology

        Supply chain management in the field of industrial automation equipment. Technical search and integration capabilities for key components in the modern industrial equipment industry

Dongguan Chaoye Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

Enterprise future development strategy


        The company's development strategy in the next three years depends on the company's strong engineering and product reputation accumulated in the lithium battery industry. Based on the continuous improvement of existing mid-range single-unit equipment, the company's equipment through its own research and development, foreign cooperation and capital mergers and acquisitions. Extending the range to the front and the back, forming a full or full-automatic lithium battery production line, providing a one-stop production solution for lithium battery manufacturing customers, becoming the leading supplier of lithium battery manufacturing equipment in China, and striving for the annual equipment supply scale At present, it has reached “three times three years” and completed the company's listing or merger and acquisition goals, creating more value for our customers, employees, investors, partners and society.

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Dongguan Chaoye Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

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