Dongguan Chaoye Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

Technical service, pre-sales, after-sales service core

Dongguan Chaoye Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

A before sale

        First understand the customer's needs, the technical engineer will communicate and explain the product's performance, structure and technology to recommend the most suitable product to the customer.

B after sale

        Track maintenance equipment, feedback problems to customers, follow up and analyze, record and solve problems. So that customers get satisfactory service.

Dongguan Chaoye Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

        For problems that arise in the service, we will first identify the problem, and then develop a practical plan to solve the customer's problem with specific actions. Everything is convenient for the customer and everything serves the customer.

Problem solver


Customer feedback

        After receiving the product problem information that the customer feedback, register it, and then feedback to the relevant department to analyze and improve the product problem in time.



Technical analysis problem

        Analyze the technical problems of customer feedback, find the problem, solve the problem, and strive for excellent quality +.



Service core


        Get a plan, arrange for after-sales maintenance and processing, and promptly report to notify customers that the problem has been solved.Strive to give customers a satisfactory answer.



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Dongguan Chaoye Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

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